What is Kamp Tumaini?

  • Kamp Tumaini (‘hope’ in Swahili) is a two week camp in Kenya, through CBM’s Guardians of Hope
  • program.
  • Canadian & Kenyan Christian youth volunteer together to give children impacted by HIV and AIDS a camp experience filled with hope.
  • Consists of activities that include time for play, learning crafts and skills, connecting with each other, and Bible studies.


Who’s invited to Kamp Tumaini?

  • Children between the ages of 9 – 16, who are part of Guardians of Hope.
  • These children get to experience the fun and joy of summer camp, along with the love and compassion of caring camp leaders.


What needs are met through Kamp Tumaini?


Healthy food for growing bodies. Sports and games, rest and relaxation.


EmotionalHappy memories and feelings of love and acceptance. Comfort and counselling to cope with sad memories, trauma and grief over the loss of parents and other loved ones, fears and loneliness of being HIV positive.


Free to be a child, with lots of play and interaction with others. Breaking the stigma and isolation with new friends, new family and community in Jesus.




Learning valuable skills for a healthy life, such as personal hygiene, water filtration for clean water, how to deal with conflicts, Bible study and reflection.



Personally encountering the love of Jesus that heals wounds of the heart, mind and soul. Discovering that you are loved and treasured by God. Inspired to share the good news of Jesus’ love with others.

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