Thanks for your interest in hosting a fundraising event with your youth group, for Kamp Tumaini!  These resources will help you plan & prepare. Remember to post a picture of your fundraisers, and share it with the rest of Atlantic Canada by tagging your posts with @cabcyf and #Springforth.

Fact Sheet

Here’s a basic fact sheet about Kamp Tumaini: 2017 Kamp Tumaini Information Sheet


  • Kamp Tumaini Promo Video

To introduce & promote Kamp Tumaini to your group.

  • Kamp Tumaini Update

A 2015 update on Kamp Tumaini from Erica & Aaron Kenny, CBM Africa Team Leaders in Kenya.


Photos from Kamp Tumaini, 2015. Create a poster, slide show/banner, etc: Download here

All photos & captions from the Kennys’ blog: Read here

Fundraiser Ideas

Here are a few suggestions of possible fundraisers for Kamp Tumaini. Some will work great as an ‘event’ where you can educate participants, while others require more creativity. You may also want to combine ideas. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to take pictures and share them by tagging your posts with @cabcyf and #Springforth.


  • Host a coffee house and invite the church and community to come hear about Kamp Tumaini while enjoying talent provided by your group. Serve coffee and tea, and desserts!
  • Host an Art Night and have youth create original artwork (drawings, paintings, sculptures, poems, etc.) and host a silent auction for the pieces. Serve coffee, treats, and charge admission. Background music could be provided by your students.
  • Host a sports tournament (dodgeball, basketball, baseball). Charge a fee per person or per team. Set up a canteen for spectators and be sure to make a trophy for the winners.
  • Host a clothing swap, where people can bring new or gently used clothing items in, and pick up 5+ items of their own at the swap. Charge a set or flexible fee to participate in the clothing exchange. Provide light refreshments or hold a bake sale at the event.
  • Create greeting cards for a special occasion (Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) and sell them. The back of the cards should explain how all proceeds go to support the Guardians of Hope program through CBM.
  • Ask church members to post various odd jobs on a bulletin board, with a price they would pay for the service. Tackle the jobs together as a youth group, for donations.
  • Flamingo-a-house! People donate money to have the youth group put plastic flamingos on someone’s lawn, and then charge for removal as well. Offer the ‘victim’ the option to purchase ‘insurance’ so their lawn can be flamingo-free for 6 months.
  • Prepare a presentation for your church with photos and video clips from the fundraiser and use that opportunity to tell more about Kamp Tumaini using the resources provided.

Offering Ask

Here’s a brief script to use if you’re asking for funds for Kamp Tumaini (perhaps during an offering). You’ll want to make sure the “ask” is very clear so everyone understands what the funds are for.

“We are partnering with Springforth and Canadian Baptist Ministries on an exciting new initiative called Kamp Tumaini in Kenya.


This camp is for children in Kenya who have stressful lives and lots of responsibilities that many other children don’t have. This camp is for children who often experience stigma. This camp is for children who don’t always have the opportunity to be kids, because this camp is for children who have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS. This camp is for orphans.


In Swahili, “tumaini” means hope!


While at camp, the children will get to be kids. They will experience love and support from their camp leader, and they will get to meet other children who are experiencing the same struggles. These camps began last August and will continue in the summers of 2016 and 2017. Camp costs money, and these orphans don’t always have the funds needed.  Every dollar we give helps.


We invite you to give generously (explain how they can give) this evening and want to thank you for making a hope filled difference in the lives of these children.”

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